Pocket Sport

Pocket Sport under went a complete rebranding process just as I started. This meant an overhaul of everything, from their website and social, to any print output, including their packaging.
I redesigned their swing tags, stickers, reusable plastic zip bags that their products arrived in and a postcard that was included in every order. I made sure that all new branded colours, fonts, logos and imagery were consistent across all areas. 


At the beginning of 2020, Purflo went under a complete brand overhaul, including the packaging for each and every one of its products. I worked closely with the Creative Director and Marketing team to create new packaging that fell in line with the new brand guidelines, as well as ensuring all essential and important health and safety information was included.

I created the templates for the packaging from scratch, with each one being a completely different shape and size for every product. I ensured that the dimensions for every box were perfect, whilst making sure the aesthetic appearance was clean and on brand.

Doddie Weir & Rob Burrow's 7&5 Charity Gin

After memorable and successful rugby careers, both Rob Burrow MBE and Doddie Weir OBE were sadly diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Since then, they have united to use the passion and positivity that made them rugby greats to raise awareness and seek ways to further MND research with the aim of finding a cure. This unbelievable determination and grit have led them to launch 7&5 Charity Gin. Named after the combined playing numbers of Rob (7) and Doddie (5), all profits from sales of the product will go towards MND research.

I worked with marketing agency, The Fabl to create a label for this gin bottle, that encapsulated both the incredible men behind the product, Rob & Doddie’s successful careers in rugby and their moto, “It can’t sap your spirit”. For this, they wanted a particular style of illustration for the label, which incorporated depictions of both ROb and Doddie, along with elements of their beloved game of rugby, their teams and their moto. I design was hand drawn first, then taken into illustrator where I created it digitally, ready for print.

Curls Club

The packaging for Curls Club is a simple branded sticker on a plain, recyclable box and post bag. This is because the brand have a strong belief in sustainability and wanted all of their packaging to be made of recycled materials, whilst also being reusable or recycled again.